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8th - 17th September 2022


On 1st January 2022, Sculptor Mark Butler started a creative challenge to make a new clay design  very day for the first 100 days of the year. Inspiration for his designs came from the amazing drawings and illustrations of Ernst Haeckel.

Mark got his many Instagram followers to contribute towards the project by suggesting titles for each piece before they were moulded and cast in bronze. Each tile was then mounted and framed, a long and fiddly process taking about 4 hours per piece.


All 100 bronze art works are limited editions of ten and are all for sale.

Copy of Copy of 001HD01 sml_edited_edited_edited.jpg
003HD01 sml.JPG
001HD01 sml.JPG
Mark Butler and first 100 day panel sml.JPG

september 2022

‘Art Forms in Nature’ is a unique collection first shown in Skipton and now comes to Ilkley’s Tinker Gallery. Joanne Tinker who runs the gallery said: “I have admired Mark's work for some time. Metal casting is fascinating and I have enjoyed following Mark’s making videos on his website. A 100 day project is such a good idea, more artists should challenge themselves to create works under pressure - just look at what you might achieve.”

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