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3rd February - 29th April 2023

‘Moorland’ celebrates the beautiful, sometimes wild, and uncultivated Yorkshire landscape on our doorstep, with featured work primarily by local artists covering a wide range of 2D and 3D pieces.


“Since moving to Ilkley some years ago from London, I have grown to love and feel extremely privileged to live surrounded by the moors,” says gallery owner Joanne Tinker. “For an artist, this landscape tantalises all the senses - proving an ideal stimulus for creativity.”

Gentle Demise.jpg
Moorland Road Group.JPG
Savu Collection Large and Small Muna.jpg
I_m off - you coming_ detail.jpeg
white crag cropped

February - april 2023

The dictionary definition of Moorland is... a tract of open uncultivated upland, typically covered with heather.

In this exhibition, the Tinker Gallery is showcasing a small group of artists to share their interpretations of the Ilkley Moor, capturing a spectrum of perspectives: the history, geography, fauna, wildlife, and of course the weather!


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