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From 4th May 2023

The Tinker Gallery is proud to introduce Ilkley based artist Louise Hepworth-Wood and her first solo exhibition, ‘Somewhere Else’.


Louise tends to paint big. Her first works were often inspired by trees in the landscape and their tall majestic presence comes across in the size of her canvases and the long vertical shapes she paints onto them. Standing up close to one of Louise’s works takes up all of the viewers vision just like being surrounded
by trees within a dense forest.


More recently, colour has been the main focus of Louise’s work. Layer upon layer of acrylic paint is brushed, poured and dripped on to the canvas; smeared, smudged and removed and reapplied. Louise describes this process like sculpting with paint, using large brushes but mainly her favourite tool, the artist pebble. This controlled layering of paint creates a variety of effects and textures on the surface, from soft sheens to matt surfaces, with pearlescent hues that reflect the light and subtly change as the viewer moves around the painting.


For gallery owner Joanne Tinker, Louise’s work ‘is often a contradiction; canvases are huge and dominant yet often calming and mediative, whilst her bold use of colour can be in your face, loud, then at times quiet and reassuring”.


May - JUNE 2023

We will be be showcasing ‘Somewhere Else’, a collection of nine previously unseen large abstract paintings by Louise Hepworth-Wood. All works plus extra smaller preparatory paintings and samples will be for sale during the exhibition, which runs from 4th May to 3rd June.


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