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Joanne Tinker


Mixed Media

about the work

Joanne is an artist who seeks to transform ordinary objects into something precious, something special. Metal bottle tops, acupuncture tubes, confectionary wrapping and aluminium cans have all featured as materials, although chocolate foil wrappings remain a constant in her work – not because of a natural love of chocolate – but her whole-hearted appreciation of the material’s colour, texture, delicacy and strength. Simply, Joanne unwraps one form and recreates another. Her work is often categorised by forms of repetition; her collections are characterised by the replication of multiples and miniatures, blending childhood fascinations with deliberated uniformity.

the artist

Joanne Tinker

Born in Nottingham but raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, and then Leeds, true to her family name Tinker, she trained to work with metal, earning a first class degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery from Birmingham in 1992. After graduating she started her own business and worked out of a small studio in Harrogate before moving down to west London. Joanne slowly built up a reputation as an artist working with recycled materials and her work sold successfully through a variety of galleries and art fairs.
Some of Joanne's early work is on permanent display at the Science Museum, London and more recent pieces have been bought by the New York Museum of Art and Design, and the White Rabbit Collection, Sydney.

Joanne has produced work for art collectors, Hampton Court Flower show gardens, Cruise Liners, Blue Peter and jewellery pieces made for the TV production of Dennis Potter’s ‘Cold Lazarus’. Joanne has exhibited at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer exhibition, and her current work is represented internationally through 5 other leading art galleries.

Joanne Tinker
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