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A perfecT cup of tea

6th October - 24th December 2022

An exhibition of tea drinking vessels, art and objects...

There is always something special about drinking your cup of tea (Earl Grey is my go-to) out of a handmade and unique mug that is beautiful to touch and hold. We all have our favourite mugs and I want to introduce you to many more.

This exhibition celebrates the vessels we use to drink our favourite beverage, from the  humble everyday tea mug to the finest bone china cup and saucer for those special occasions. Together with other objects associated with tea such as tea spoons, jugs and lace tablecloths, we salute tea for its comfort and strength, for the formal ceremonies and informal rituals that surround it and for bringing us together for a good old catch-up.


October - december 2022

In this exhibition, the Tinker Gallery is showcasing a range of beautiful cups and mugs and other objects associated with tea. Each individual vessel will be treated as a work of art, displayed on its own shelf / plinth in order to boast all of its beauty and to be seen alongside its fellow objects in a variety of colours, textures and shapes.


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